/b/tard FAQ answered

On 18 May, 2012 by bunny

Ok we’re getting a lot of emails with the same questions:

1. Why is /b/tard not working?

4chan has had a major overhaul which changed the way our app is working. 4chan regularly changes their format and most cases breaks /b/tard. grr

2. When will it be fixed?

It’s already fixed! but….

it is waiting Apple’s approval. 혻Mind you Apple’s approval can take 1-4 weeks and this we literally have no control over this process.

Keep an eye out for for an update!

Thank you for downloading our app!

3. 혻When will the Android one fixed?

Update from Pork:

Sorry guys but the changes are really too much for the current code base for Android. We’ve done our best since Google pulled it from the market a couple versions ago, but with only 300 downloads of the last version in the last couple months (compared to the 300 a day we were getting before it was pulled) we simply can’t devote more time to a discontinued product. We appreciate your support, and in this case, please direct the blame to google… We did our best and made it free as long as we could. Please don’t ask for the code, it was our first app (so it was never a stunning example of engineering) and like I said, it would take a pretty big code rework혻anyway혻to get it working again.

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